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Editing macros
A full explanation of the VBA language is beyond the scope of this topic, but we can
walk you through some steps to change the behavior of the previously recorded
macro. You might also recognize some of the actions you recorded earlier by the
names used in the VBA code.
Click at the beginning of the line ViewApplyEx Name:=”&Gantt Chart”, ApplyTo:=0 ,
and press the Enter key.
Click in the new line you just created, press the Tab key, and type the following:
Application.Alerts False
This line of code will suppress the prompt you received when running the macro and
accept the default option of replacing the existing GIF image file with the same name.
Here is the text you typed.
TIP Note that as you were typing, selection boxes and ScreenTips might have
appeared. The VBA Editor uses such tools and feedback to help you enter text in a
module correctly.
In the line that begins with EditCopyPicture , select the date and time “4/6/15
8:00 AM” (including the quotation marks) that follows FromDate:= and type the
This VBA code describes the project start date of the active project.
Here is the text string you typed
to return the project start date.
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