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Editing macros
In Windows Explorer (in Windows 7) or File Explorer (in Windows 8), navigate to the
Chapter19 folder, and double-click the Customizing A GIF image file to open it in
your image editor or viewer application.
The GIF image appears in your image application. Depending on your image
application, you might be able to zoom in on the image to get a better look.
The updated screen shot includes the updated project finish date and displays only
incomplete tasks because the macro applied the Incomplete Tasks filter. (Note that
task 31, which is now completed, does not appear.) Now you can run the macro as
frequently as needed to capture the most up-to-date information.
21 Close your image-viewing application, and then switch back to the Customizing A
plan in Project.
Here are some additional tips for working with VBA macros in Project.
VBA is a rich and well-documented programming language. If you would like to
take a closer look at VBA in Project, try this: On the View tab, in the Macros group,
click the arrow below the Macros button, and then click Visual Basic. In the Microsoft
Visual Basic for Applications window, on the Help menu, click Microsoft Visual Basic
For Applications Help.
While working in a module, you can get help on specific items such as objects,
properties, and methods. Click a word, and then press the F1 key.
To close the VBA Editor and return to Project, on the File menu, click Close and Return
to Microsoft Project.
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