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Copying Project data to other programs
Copying Project data to other programs
Project supports copying information out of and pasting information into Project. However,
because Project information is highly structured, there are a few things to note.
When copying data from Project into other applications, you have some options for the
results that you get:
You can copy information (such as task names and dates) from a table in Project and
paste it as structured tabular data in spreadsheet applications like Microsoft Excel, or
as a table in word-processor applications that support tables, like Microsoft Word. In
most cases, the table’s column headings for the data you copied will also be pasted,
and the summary/subtask hierarchy will be indicated by the subtasks being indented.
You can copy text from a table in Project and paste it as tab-delimited text in text
editor applications that do not support tables, like WordPad or Notepad.
When pasting information from Project into an email application such as Microsoft
Outlook, you probably will get tabular results if your email application supports the
Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) format.
You can create a graphic-image snapshot of the active view and paste the image
into any application that supports graphic images. You worked with the Copy Picture
feature (on the Task tab) in Chapter 7, “Formatting and sharing your plan.”
TIP Many Windows programs—such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint—have a Paste
Special feature. This feature provides you with more options for pasting data from
Project into the destination program. For example, you can use the Paste Special
feature in Word to paste formatted or unformatted text, a picture, or a Microsoft
Project Document Object (an OLE object). You can also choose to paste only the
data or paste it with a link to the source data in Project. When pasted with a link, the
destination data in Project can be updated whenever the source data is changed.
You also have options when pasting data from other programs into Project:
You can paste text (such as a list of task or resource names) into a table in Project.
For example, you can paste a range of cells from Excel or a group of paragraphs from
Word into Project. You can paste a series of task names that are organized in a vertical
column from Excel or Word into the Task Name column in Project, for instance.
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