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Copying Project data to other programs
You can paste a graphic image or an OLE object from another program into a
graphical portion of a Gantt Chart view. You can also paste a graphic image or an OLE
object into a task, resource, or assignment note and into a form view such as the Task
or Resource Form view.
TIP Pasting text as multiple columns into Project requires some planning. First, make sure
that the order of the information in the source program matches the order of the columns
in the Project table. You can either rearrange the data in the source program to match the
column order in the Project table or vice versa. Second, make sure that the columns in the
source program support the same types of data (text, numbers, dates, and so on) as do the
columns in Project.
The scenario: At Lucerne Publishing, you already used the Copy Picture feature in Project to
create snapshots of schedule details you can then share with others. However, the resulting
graphic image is not editable as textual content. You’d like to share textual content such as
task and resource lists from Project with other Office applications.
In this exercise, you will copy tabular data from Project and paste it into Excel and Word.
TIP The following exercise uses Word and Excel. If you do not have access to one or both
of these programs, you can experiment with pasting tabular data from Project into other
applications. In general, you should get the expected pasting results if your destination
application supports the HTML format.
SET UP You need the Sharing_Start file located in your Chapter20 practice file folder to
complete this exercise. Open the Sharing_Start file, and save it as Sharing.
To begin, you’ll copy some task names, durations, and start and finish dates from Project to
In the Entry table on the left side of the Gantt Chart view, select from the name of
task 5, Editorial, through task 13’s finish date, Wed 9/23/15 .
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