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Opening other file formats in Project
In Excel, if necessary, widen any columns that don’t display the data values and
instead display pound signs (##). If you have Excel 2013, your screen should look
similar to the following illustration:
As with pasting into Word, note that pasting into Excel generated the correct column
headings. The values from Project are also given the correct formatting (such as
currency) in Excel.
11 Close Word and Excel without saving changes, and then switch back to Project.
The pasting of rich tabular data into Word or Excel does not work the same way in all
applications. If you pasted the same data into Notepad, for example, the result would be
tab-delimited data and no column headings. Feel free to experiment with this.
Opening other file formats in Project
Information that you need to incorporate into a plan in Project can come from a variety
of sources. A task list from a spreadsheet or resource costs from a database are two
examples. You might want to use the unique features of Project to analyze data from
another program. For example, many people keep to-do lists and simple task lists in Excel,
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