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Opening other file formats in Project
Click Next .
The Task Mapping page of the Import Wizard appears. Here, you identify the source
worksheet within the Excel workbook and specify how you want to map the data
from the source worksheet to Project fields.
In the Source worksheet name box, select Tasks .
Tasks is the name of the sheet in the Excel workbook. Project analyzes the header
row names from the worksheet and suggests the Project field names that are
probable matches. If Project was not able to match column names or types correctly, you
could change the mapping to other fields here.
On this page of the Import Wizard, you specify how Project should
import data from other file formats—in this case, an Excel workbook.
Use the Preview area to see how the data from another file format
will be mapped to Project fields, based on the settings you choose above.
Click Next .
The final page of the Import Wizard appears. Here, you have the option of saving
the settings for the new import map, which is useful when you anticipate importing
similar data into Project in the future. This time, you’ll skip this step.
Click Finish .
Project imports the Excel data into a new plan. (The dates you see on the timescale
will differ from those shown because Project uses the current date as the project start
date in the new file.)
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