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Views: Working with schedule details the way you want
The Resource Usage view replaces the Resource Sheet view. This usage view groups
the tasks to which each resource is assigned and shows you the work assignments per
resource on a timescale, such as daily or weekly.
In the timescaled grid on the right side of the usage table, you can see some of
Carole Poland’s work assignments in the plan. Currently, this usage view’s timeline
shows assigned work per day. As with the Gantt Chart timescale, you can adjust this
timescale using the Timescale command on the View tab or the Zoom Slider controls
on the status bar in the lower-right corner of the Project window.
Another usage view, the Task Usage view, lips the data around to display all the
resources assigned to each task. You’ll work more with usage views in Chapter 9,
“Advanced task scheduling.”
On the View tab, in the Task Views group, click Gantt Chart .
The Gantt Chart view appears.
To conclude this exercise, you’ll display a different split view.
If necessary, vertically scroll the Gantt Chart view so that task 12 is near the top of the
In the Task name column, click the name of task 12, Set pages .
On the View tab, in the Split View group, click Details .
The Task Form appears below the Gantt Chart view.
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