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Saving to other file formats from Project
Click OK to close the Trust Center dialog box, and then click OK again to close the
Project Options dialog box.
Working with files from previous versions of Project
Project 2000, 2002, and 2003 shared a common file format that could be opened by
any version of Project from 2000 to 2003. In other words, if you were using Project
2000, 2002, or 2003, you didn’t need to pay attention to the Project file format across
these three versions of Project.
To accommodate the new functionality introduced in a new product release, Project
2007 introduced its own file format, as did Project 2010. Project 2010 and 2013 share
the same file format.
When running Project 2013, you might find you need to share plans with users of
previous versions of Project. One strategy is to save in Microsoft Project 2000–2003
format or Microsoft Project 2007 format. (These are both file formats listed in the Save
As Type box in the Save As dialog box.) However, some data relating to new features
in Project 2013 will be changed or discarded when saved in an older format. Manually
scheduled tasks, for example, will be converted to automatically scheduled tasks.
To learn more about file formats and Project versions, click the Help button (which
looks like a question mark) in the upper-right corner of the Project window, and in the
Help Search box, type Supported file formats .
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