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Generating visual reports with Excel and Visio
Generating visual reports with Excel and
Project can generate visual reports that focus on sharing schedule details with other
applications. Specifically, you can use the Visual Reports feature to export data from Project
to either Excel or Microsoft Visio and, once the data is there, visually represent schedule
details in compelling formats.
TIP Some visual reports (especially those that are generated in Excel) are similar to the
built-in reports now available in Project 2013. You might find the visual reports beneficial
when you want to do more complex data analysis in Excel.
A visual report can include task, resource, or assignment details. When you select a visual
report in Project, it generates a highly structured database, called an Online Analytical
Processing (OLAP) cube , from your plan. Project then starts either Excel or Visio (depending
on the visual report you selected), loads and organizes the data used by that application,
and generates a graphical representation of that data (an Excel chart or a Visio diagram).
The specific results you obtain depend on the type of visual report you choose:
Excel visual reports use the PivotTable and PivotChart features in Excel. You can
format the chart and modify the details in the PivotTable report from which the chart
is derived. PivotTable reports are well suited to analyzing and summarizing the large
volumes of data that plans can contain. You can create Excel visual reports with Excel
2003 or later.
Visio visual reports use the PivotDiagrams feature in Visio. PivotDiagrams are well
suited for presenting hierarchical data and can complement Project very well. Not
only can you customize the visual report as a Visio diagram, but you can also filter
and rearrange the data from which the diagram is derived. Visio visual reports require
Visio 2007 or later.
Project includes several Excel and Visio visual report templates. You can also create your
own visual reports from scratch or modify one of the supplied templates. Visual reports can
be beneficial to any Project user. If you are already familiar with Excel PivotTables or you are
a Visio power user, and you have the need to analyze and present Project data, you’ll find
visual reports especially interesting.
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