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Generating visual reports with Excel and Visio
The scenario: At Lucerne Publishing, a colleague is handy with both Excel and Visio. She’s
asked you for some Project data that she can work with in both applications.
In this exercise, you generate both Excel and Visio visual reports.
IMPORTANT If the computer on which you are now working does not have Excel 2003 or later
installed, you cannot complete this exercise. If this is the case, skip to the Visio-specific portion of
this section.
On the Report tab, in the Export group, click Visual Reports .
The Visual Reports dialog box appears. If you don’t have Excel or Visio installed, what
you see might differ.
This dialog box groups visual reports in a number of ways: all reports; only Excel
or only Visio reports; and task, resource, or assignment details (divided into
summary and usage reports). The dialog box includes a simplified preview of the type of
graphic (chart or diagram) associated with each visual report. If you want to, you can
click the various tabs in the dialog box to see how the visual reports are organized.
The first visual report you’ll generate is Excel-based.
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