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Chapter 21: Consolidating projects and resources
Consolidating projects
and resources
Create a resource pool to share resources across multiple plans.
Look at resource allocation across multiple plans.
Change resource assignments in a sharer plan, and see the effects in a resource
Change a resource’s working time in a resource pool, and see the effects in a sharer
Make a specific date nonworking time in a resource pool, and see the effects in the
sharer plan.
Create a plan, and make it a sharer plan for a resource pool.
Change sharer plan assignments, and update a resource pool.
Insert plans to create a consolidated plan.
Link tasks between two plans.
In the previous exercises in this topic, you’ve generally worked with a single plan at a time.
Although this might be your main focus in Project much of the time, chances are you or
your organization will need to coordinate people, work, and deliverables across multiple
projects. This chapter introduces you to the powerful features in Project that can help you
optimize your resources, consolidate multiple plans into a single consolidated plan, and
create dependencies between plans.
As you complete the exercises in this chapter, you will need to open and close more
practice files than was required in previous chapters. In some cases, you’ll take additional
steps to see in one plan the results of actions you completed in another plan.
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