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Creating a resource pool
Before a resource pool is created, each plan contains its own resource information.
This may lead to overallocation and duplication of resource information for the
resources assigned in both plans.
Plan 1
Plan 2
After a resource pool is created and plans are
linked to it, resource information is consolidated in the
resource pool and updated in the sharer plans.
You can link new plans to the resource pool
as well.
Resource Pool
Plan 1
New plan
Assignment details from the sharer plans are updated
to the resource pool. Resource details such as working
time and standard rate are updated to the sharer plans.
Plan 2
If you manage just one project with resources that are not used in other plans, a resource
pool provides you no benefit. However, if your organization plans to manage multiple
plans, setting up a resource pool enables you to do the following:
Enter resource information, such as nonworking time, in any of the sharer plans or in
the resource pool so that it is available in other sharer plans.
View resources’ assignment details from multiple plans in a single location.
View assignment costs per resource across multiple plans.
View cumulative costs for work and cost resources across multiple plans.
View cumulative consumption values for material resources across multiple plans.
Find resources who are overallocated across multiple plans, even if those resources
are underallocated in individual plans.
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