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Creating a resource pool
On the View tab, in the Window group, click Arrange All .
Project arranges the three plan windows within the Project window.
Prior to being linked to a resource pool,
some resource names and other details
are duplicated in these plans.
Title bar
TIP You do not need to arrange the project windows in this way to create a resource
pool, but it is helpful to see the results as they occur in this section.
Looking at the resource names in the two plans (Consolidating A and Consolidating
B), you can see that several of the same resources appear in both plans. These include
Carole Poland, Copyeditors, John Evans, and others. None of these resources are
overallocated in either plan.
Click the title bar of the Consolidating B window.
On the Resource tab, in the Assignments group, click Resource Pool , and then click
Share Resources .
The Share Resources dialog box appears.
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