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Creating a resource pool
After these two sharer plans have been linked
to the resource pool, the combined resource
information appears in all files.
The resource pool contains the resource information from both sharer plans. Project
will consolidate resource information from the sharer plans based on the name of the
resource. John Evans , for example, is listed only once in the resource pool, no matter
how many sharer plans list him as a resource.
IMPORTANT Project cannot match variations of a resource’s name—for example, John Evans
from one sharer plan and J. Evans from another. For this reason, you should develop a convention
for naming resources in your organization and then stick with it.
TIP If you decide that you do not want to use a resource pool with a plan, you can break
the link. To do this, in the sharer plan, on the Resources tab, click Resource Pool and then
click Share Resources. Under Resources For < Current Project Name >, select the Use Own
Resources option.
Now you can see how resources are assigned across multiple projects. By linking new plans
to the resource pool, resource information will instantly be available in the new plan. (You’ll
do this in the next section.)
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