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Viewing assignment details in a resource pool
Again, note that you do not have to arrange the plan’s windows as you did in this exercise
to link the sharer plans to the resource pool. However, in this section it was helpful to see
the results as they occurred.
Creating a dedicated resource pool
Any plan, with or without tasks, can serve as a resource pool. However, it is a good
idea to designate as the resource pool a plan that does not contain tasks. This is
because any project with tasks will almost certainly conclude at some point, and you
might not want assignments for those tasks (with their associated costs and other
details) to be included indefinitely in the resource pool.
Moreover, a dedicated resource pool without tasks can enable people, such as line
managers or resource managers, to maintain some information about their resources,
such as nonworking time, in the resource pool. These people might not have a role in
project management, and they will not need to deal with task-specific details in the
resource pool.
Viewing assignment details in a
resource pool
One of the most important benefits of using a resource pool is that it allows you to see
how resources are allocated across plans. For example, you can identify resources that are
overallocated across the multiple plans to which they are assigned.
Let’s look at a specific example. As you might have noticed in the previous section, the
resource Carole Poland, who was not overallocated in either of the individual plans, did
appear overallocated after Project accounted for all her assignments across the two plans.
When Carole’s assignments from the two sharer plans were combined, they exceeded
her capacity to work on at least one day. Although Carole most likely was aware of this
problem, the project manager might not have known about it without setting up a resource
pool (or hearing about the problem directly from Carole).
The scenario: At Lucerne Publishing, you’d like to use your newly created resource pool to
look for any resource overallocations across the two sharer plans.
In this exercise, you view assignments across plans in the resource pool.
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