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Updating assignments in a sharer plan
In this combination view, you can see all resources in the resource pool and their
assignments (in the upper pane), as well as the selected resource’s details (in the
lower pane) from all sharer plans. You can see, for example, that the Assign launch
team members task to which Carole is assigned is from the Consolidating A project
and the Content edit task is from the Consolidating B project. Carole was not
overallocated in either project, but she is overallocated when you see her assignments
across plans in this way.
If you want, click different resource names in the Resource Usage view to see their
assignment details in the Resource Form.
On the View tab, in the Split View group, clear the Details check box.
TIP In a resource pool, the Resource Form is just one way to see the details of specific
assignments from sharer plans. You can also add the Project or Task Summary Name
column to the table portion of the Resource Usage view. Doing so will show you
which project each task assignment is from and that assignment’s summary task
In this exercise, you viewed resource assignments across plans in the resource pool. As you
add or change assignments, you’ll always see the most current assignment information in
the resource pool and across the sharer plans.
Updating assignments in a sharer plan
Because a resource’s assignment details originate in sharer plans, Project updates the
resource pool with assignment details as you make them in the sharer plan.
The scenario: At Lucerne Publishing, you need to assign a resource to a task. Now that
you’ve set up the resource pool, after making the resource assignment you’ll verify the
assignment in the resource pool.
In this exercise, you change resource assignments in a sharer plan, and you see the changes
posted to the resource pool.
The Lucerne Resource Pool plan should still be active with the Resource Usage view applied.
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