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Updating a resource’s information in a resource pool
In this exercise, you update a resource’s working time in the resource pool, and see the
changes in the sharer plans.
In the Lucerne Resource Pool plan, select the name of resource 8, William Flash .
Scroll the timephased portion of the view horizontally to the right until William’s
assignments for the week of August 30 appear.
On the Project tab, in the Properties group, click Change Working Time.
The Change Working Time dialog box appears.
In the For calendar box, make sure that William Flash is selected.
William’s resource calendar appears in the Change Working Time dialog box. William
has told you that he will not be available to work on Thursday and Friday, September
3 and 4.
On the Exceptions tab in the Change Working Time dialog box, click in the first row
under Name and type William at workshop .
The description for the calendar exception is a handy reminder for you and others
who might view the plan later.
Click in the Start field, and type or select 9/3/15 .
Click in the Finish field, type or select 9/4/15 , and then press the Enter key.
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