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Updating all plans’ working times in a resource pool
Updating all plans’ working times in a
resource pool
In the previous exercise, you changed an individual resource’s working time in the resource
pool, and you saw the change posted to a sharer plan. Another powerful capability of
a resource pool enables you to change working times for a base calendar and see the
changes updated to all sharer plans that use that calendar. For example, if you specify that
certain days (such as holidays) are to be nonworking days in the resource pool, that change
is posted to all sharer plans.
IMPORTANT By default, all sharer plans share the same base calendars, and any changes you
make to a base calendar in one sharer plan are reflected in all other sharer plans through the
resource pool. If you have a specific sharer plan for which you want to use different base calendar
working times, change the base calendar that sharer plan uses.
The scenario: At Lucerne Publishing, the entire company will be attending a local book fair
on August 17. You want this to be a nonworking day for all sharer plans.
In this exercise, you set a nonworking time in a base calendar in the resource pool, and you
see this change in all sharer plans.
On the View tab, in the Window group, click Switch Windows , and then click
Lucerne Resource Pool .
On the Project tab, in the Properties group, click Change Working Time .
The Change Working Time dialog box appears.
In the For calendar box, select Standard (Project Calendar) from the drop-down list.
TIP Base calendars—such as 24 Hours, Night Shift, and Standard—appear at the top
of the list in the For Calendar box. Resource calendar names appear below the base
Changes in working time to the Standard base calendar in the resource pool affect all
plans that are sharer plans of the resource pool.
On the Exceptions tab in the Change Working Time dialog box, click in the first row
under Name and type Local book fair .
Click in the Start field and type or select 8/17/15 , and then click the Finish field.
Project ills in the same value in the Finish Date field.
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