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Updating all plans’ working times in a resource pool
In the sharer plans linked to the resource pool, August 17
is set as a nonworking day in the Standard base calendar.
Click Cancel to close the Change Working Time dialog box.
If you want, you can switch to the Consolidating B plan and verify that August 17 is
also a nonworking day for that project.
Close and save changes to all open plans, including the resource pool.
IMPORTANT When working with sharer plans and a resource pool, you need to understand that
when you open a sharer plan, you must also open the resource pool if you want the sharer plan
to be updated with the most recent changes to the resource pool. For example, assume that you
change the project calendar’s working time in the resource pool, save it, and close it. If you later
open a sharer plan but do not also open the resource pool, that sharer plan will not reflect the
updated project calendar’s working time.
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