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Linking new plans to a resource pool
Linking new plans to a resource pool
You can make a plan a sharer plan for a resource pool at any time: when initially entering
the plan’s tasks, after you assign resources to tasks, or even after work begins. After you set
up a resource pool, you might find it helpful to make sharer plans of all new plans, along
with the sharer plans already created. In that way, you get used to relying on the resource
pool for resource information.
A definite time-saving advantage of creating new plans as sharer plans of a resource pool
is that your resource information is instantly available. You do not have to reenter any
resource data.
The scenario: At Lucerne Publishing, you’re about to start a plan for a new project. You’d
like this new plan to be a sharer plan of your resource pool so that it gets the resource
information already in the resource pool.
In this exercise, you create a plan and make it a sharer plan for the resource pool.
SET UP You will open multiple practice files as you complete this exercise.
In the Backstage view, click Open .
The Open screen appears.
Navigate to the Chapter21 folder, and open Lucerne Resource Pool .
TIP Alternatively, you can select the file name from the Recent Projects list on the
Open screen.
When you open the resource pool file, Project prompts you to select how you want
to open it.
IMPORTANT The default option is to open the resource pool as read-only. You might
want to choose this option if you and other Project users are sharing a resource pool across
a network. That way, you won’t prevent other Project users from updating the resource
pool. If you store the resource pool locally, however, you should open it as read-write.
Click the second option to open the resource pool as read-write.
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