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Changing sharer plan assignments and updating a resource pool
Changing sharer plan assignments and
updating a resource pool
If you are sharing a resource pool with other Project users across a network, whoever has
the resource pool open as read-write prevents others from updating resource information,
such as standard cost rates, or making other plans sharers of that resource pool. For this
reason, you should open the resource pool as read-only, and use the Update Resource Pool
command only when you need to update the resource pool with assignment information.
This command updates the resource pool with new assignment information; once that is
done, anyone else who opens the resource pool will see the latest assignment information.
In this chapter, you are working exclusively with the resource pool and sharer plans locally. If
you are going to share a resource pool with other Project users over a network, you need to
understand the updating process. This exercise introduces you to that process.
The scenario: At Lucerne Publishing, you’d like to try out the Project commands to push
assignment updates from a sharer plan to the resource pool. If you later decide to give other
Project users access to this resource pool, you’ll know how to update it on demand.
In this exercise, you change assignments in a sharer plan and then send updated
assignment information to the resource pool.
SET UP You need multiple practice files to complete this exercise.
In the Backstage view, click Open .
Navigate to the Chapter21 folder, and open the Consolidating A file.
Because this plan is a sharer plan linked to a resource pool, Project gives you the
options shown in the following illustration:
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