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Changing sharer plan assignments and updating a resource pool
You have made two assignment changes in the sharer plan. Because the resource
pool is open as read-only, those changes have not been saved permanently in the
resource pool. Next, you will update the resource pool.
On the Resource tab, in the Assignments group, click Resource Pool , and then click
Update Resource Pool .
Behind the scenes, Project updates the assignment information in the resource pool
with the new details from the sharer plan and then saves the resource pool. Anyone
else who opens or refreshes the resource pool now will see the updated assignment
IMPORTANT Only assignment information is saved to the resource pool from the
sharer plan. Any changes you make to resource details, such as maximum units, in
the sharer plan are not saved in the resource pool when you update. When you want to
change the resource details, open the resource pool as read-write. After it is open as
read-write, you can change resource details in either the resource pool or the sharer plan,
and the other plans will be updated.
Next, you will change another assignment in the sharer plan, close the sharer plan,
and then update the resource pool.
In the Task Name column, click the name of task 8, Kickoff book launch meeting .
In the Resource Name column in the Assign Resources dialog box, click Carole
Poland , and then click Assign .
Project assigns Carole to the task.
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