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Consolidating plans
When sharing a resource pool with other Project users, be sure to update the resource pool
with the latest assignment information. The updated assignments might affect resource
allocations across other plans.
Consolidating plans
You likely will find yourself managing multiple plans that involve some of the same
resources and might be related to the same overall goal or deliverable of an organization.
Although a resource pool can help you manage resource details across different plans,
it might not give you the level of control you want over tasks and relationships between
plans. Or you might be coordinating with several people working on tasks at different
times, sometimes in different locations, and frequently for different supervisors. In either
case, you might need to produce a single “all-up” view of distinct but related plans.
A good way to pull together far-lung project information is to use a consolidated plan. This
is a plan that contains other plans, called inserted plans . The inserted plans do not reside
within the consolidated plan; rather, they are linked to it in such a way that they can be
viewed and edited from it. If a plan is edited outside the consolidated plan, the updated
information appears in the consolidated plan the next time it is opened.
TIP Consolidated plans are also known as consolidated projects or master projects,
and inserted plans are also known as subprojects ; however, this chapter uses the terms
consolidated and inserted plans.
Using consolidated plans enables you to do the following:
See all tasks from your organization’s plans in a single view.
Roll up information to higher levels of management. For example, you might insert a
team’s plan into the larger department’s consolidated plan and then insert that plan
into the larger organization’s consolidated plan.
Divide your project data into different plans to match the nature of your project,
such as by phase, component, or location. Then you can pull the information back
together into a consolidated plan for a comprehensive look at the whole plan.
See all your plans’ information in one location so that you can filter, sort, and group
the data.
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