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Consolidating plans
Consolidated plans use Project’s outlining features. An inserted plan appears as a summary
task in the consolidated plan, except that its summary Gantt bar is gray and an inserted
project icon appears in the Indicators column. When you save a consolidated plan, you are
also prompted to save any changes you made to inserted plans as well.
The scenario: At Lucerne Publishing, you occasionally need to look at information spread
between closely related but distinct projects. To get an “all-up” view across plans, you
decide to add them to a consolidated plan.
In this exercise, you create a new consolidated plan by inserting other plans.
SET UP You need multiple practice files to complete this exercise.
On the New screen of the Backstage view, click Blank project .
Project creates a new plan. This plan will become the consolidated plan into which
you insert other plans.
On the Project tab, in the Insert group, click Subproject .
The Insert Project dialog box appears.
Navigate to the Chapter21 folder, and while holding down the Ctrl key, select
Consolidating A and Consolidating B .
Click Insert .
Project inserts the two plans into the consolidated plan as collapsed summary tasks.
On the Task tab, in the Editing group, click Scroll to Task .
Project displays the Gantt bars of the collapsed inserted plans.
Note the Inserted Project icon in the Indicators column and gray summary task bars.
Next, you will save the new consolidated project.
On the File tab, click Save As .
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