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Creating dependencies between plans
To conclude this exercise, you will display the project summary task of the
consolidated plan.
On the Format tab, in the Show/Hide group, click Project Summary Task .
Project displays the consolidated plan’s summary task.
The values of this summary task, such as duration and work, represent the rolled-up
values of both inserted plans.
13 Close and save changes to all open files.
TIP To create a consolidated plan and insert plans that are open in Project quickly, on the
View tab, in the Windows group, click New Window. Under Projects, select the open plans
you want to insert and then click OK.
As you develop more plans, inserting them into a consolidated plan in this way gives you a
single location in which to view all activities of your organization.
Creating dependencies between plans
Most projects do not exist in a vacuum. Tasks or phases in one project might depend on
tasks in other projects. You can show such dependencies by linking tasks between plans.
Reasons that you might need to create dependencies between plans include the following:
The completion of one task in a plan might enable the start of a task in another plan.
For example, another project manager might need to complete an environmental
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