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Creating dependencies between plans
impact statement before you can start to construct a building. Even if these two
tasks are managed in separate plans (perhaps because separate departments of a
development company are completing them), one plan has a logical dependency on
the other.
A person or a piece of equipment might be assigned to a task in one plan, and you
need to delay the start of a task in another plan until that resource completes the first
task. The two tasks might have nothing in common other than needing that resource.
Task relationships between plans look similar to links between tasks within a plan, except
that external predecessor and successor tasks have gray task names and Gantt bars (some-
times referred to as ghost tasks ). Such external tasks are not linked to tasks within the plan,
only to tasks in other plans.
The scenario: At Lucerne Publishing, you have identified the deliverable of a task from
one plan is required before a task in another plan can begin. You decide to create a
crossproject link between these two plans.
In this exercise, you link tasks across two plans, and see the results in the plans as well as in
a consolidated plan.
SET UP You will open multiple practice files as you complete this exercise.
In the Backstage view, click Open .
The Open screen appears.
Navigate to the Chapter21 folder, and open the Consolidating B file.
The Open Resource Pool Information box appears.
Click Open resource pool to see assignment across all sharer files , and then click
OK .
Now you are ready to open a second file.
On the File tab, click Open .
Navigate to the Chapter21 folder, and open the Consolidating A file.
This time you are not prompted to open the resource pool because it was opened
with the Consolidating B file.
In the Task Name column of the Consolidating A plan, click the name of task 12,
Prepare book sales kit.
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