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Creating dependencies between plans
Here, you can see that task 12, Prepare book sales kit , is a predecessor for the external
task 13, Interior illustration design . Because task 13 is a successor task with no other
links to this project, it has no effect on other tasks here.
The link between these two plans will remain until you break it. Deleting a task in the
source plan or the external task in the destination plan deletes the corresponding
task or external task in the other plan.
17 Close and save the changes to all open files.
To conclude this exercise, you will display the link between these two plans in the
consolidated plan.
18 In the Backstage view, click Open .
19 Navigate to the Chapter21 folder, and open the Lucerne Consolidated Projects file.
The Open Resource Pool Information box appears.
20 Click Open resource pool to see assignment across all sharer files , and then click
OK .
21 In the Children’s Exercise Book Launch schedule plan (the second inserted project),
click the expand/collapse arrow next to the name of task 1, Planning Phase to
collapse it.
Project collapses this phase. By doing this, you can see both the predecessor and
successor tasks across the two inserted plans.
22 If necessary, scroll up until task 14 in the first inserted plan is visible.
You can see the link line between the Prepare book sales kit task in one inserted plan
and the Interior illustration design task in the other inserted plan.
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