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Key points
To delete a cross-plan link, do this: Go to the successor task first. On the Task tab, in
the Properties group, click Information. In the Task Information dialog box, click the
Predecessors tab. In the Predecessors box, select the external task link’s ID and press
To see and manage all links (external predecessors and external successors) into and
out of a plan, on the Project tab, in the Properties group, click Links Between Projects.
CLEAN UP Close all open files.
Key points
If you have resource information duplicated in more than one plan, a resource pool is
an excellent way to collect resource information across plans and spot problems, such
as resource overallocation.
In addition to indicating various resources’ nonworking time in a resource pool, you
can edit the project calendar in a resource pool (for example, marking holidays as
nonworking time) and that information will be propagated to all sharer plans of the
resource pool file.
Resource assignment details from all sharer plans are available for viewing (but not
editing) in the resource pool file.
Consolidating plans into a single plan is useful when you want to see all the
aggregate details in one place (the consolidated plan) and yet continue to work with
the individual plans.
When a task in one plan has a logical dependency on a task in another plan, you can
link the two with a cross-plan link. This produces an external task (the predecessor or
successor task) in both plans.
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