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Starting a new plan, and setting its start date
Starting a new plan, and setting its
start date
As you might expect, Project focuses primarily on time. Sometimes you might know the
planned start date of a project, the planned finish date, or both. However, when
working with Project, you specify only one date, not both: the project start date or the project
finish date. Why? Because after you enter the project start or finish date and other project
details, Project calculates the other date for you. Remember that Project is not just merely a
static repository of your schedule information or a Gantt chart drawing tool—it is an active
scheduling engine.
Most plans should be scheduled from a start date, even if you know that the project should
finish by a certain deadline date. Scheduling from a start date causes all tasks to start as
soon as possible, and it gives you the greatest scheduling flexibility. In this and later
chapters, you will see this flexibility in action as you work with a project that is scheduled from a
start date.
Now that you’ve had a brief look at the major parts of the Project interface in Part 1,
“Introduction to Microsoft Project,” you are ready to create the plan you will use
throughout Part 2 of this topic, “Simple scheduling basics.”
The scenario: Throughout this topic, you’ll play the role of a project manager at Lucerne
Publishing, a book publisher that specializes in children’s books. Lucerne is about to publish
a major new book, and you’ve been asked to develop a plan for the book launch.
In this exercise, you create a new plan, set its start date, and save it.
SET UP You don’t need practice files to complete this exercise; just follow the steps.
Do one of the following:
In Project, if you see the File tab, click it, and then click New .
If you already see a list of available templates in the Start screen, continue to the
next step.
Project displays your options for creating a new plan. These options include using
templates installed with Project or that are available on the web. You see this same
list of templates in the Start screen when you start Project, and in the New screen on
the File tab.
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