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Setting nonworking days in the project calendar
Here you can see that the Standard base calendar
is designated as the Project Calendar.
The date is now scheduled as nonworking time for the project. In the dialog box, the
date appears underlined and color formatting is applied to indicate an exception day.
7 Click OK to close the Change Working Time dialog box.
To verify the change to the project calendar, note in the chart portion of the Gantt
Chart view that Thursday, January 22, is now formatted as gray to indicate
nonworking time ( just like the weekends).
In this section, you made just one specific day a nonworking day for the entire plan. Other
common examples of working time adjustments include:
Recurring holidays or other times off that follow a known pattern, such as weekly,
monthly, or annually. To set up recurring nonworking times, click the Details button
on the Exceptions tab in the Change Working Time dialog box.
Vary working times per week, for example, to address seasonal changes in working
times. To set up custom work weeks, on the Work Weeks tab of the Change Working
Time dialog box, enter the date range you want, click the Details button, and then set
the working time adjustments you want.
Unique working hours for a resource. You’ll make such settings in Chapter 5.
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