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Entering the plan’s title and other properties
Entering the plan’s title and other properties
Like other Microsoft Office applications, Project keeps track of several file properties.
Some of these properties are statistics, such as how many times the file has been revised.
Other properties include information that you might want to record about a plan, such as
the project title, the project manager’s name, or keywords to support a file search. Some
of these properties are used in views, in reports and in page headers and footers when
printing. You can see and record these properties in the Advanced Properties dialog box.
The scenario: At Lucerne Publishing, you want to record top-level information about
the new book launch plan. These details won’t affect the overall schedule but relate to
important supplemental information you want to keep in the plan.
In this exercise, you enter some properties about the plan that you will use later when
printing and for other purposes:
Click the File tab.
The Backstage view appears. The Info tab should be selected by default. On the right
side of the screen, under Product Information, note the key statistics, such as the start
date on the right side of the Backstage view. Notice that many of the fields you see
here are the same fields you see in the Project Information dialog box. You can edit
these fields in either place.
Click Project Information . In the menu that appears, click Advanced Properties .
The Properties dialog box appears with the Summary tab visible.
In the Subject box, type New book launch schedule .
In the Manager box, type Carole Poland .
In the Company box, type Lucerne Publishing .
In the Comments box, type New children’s book for spring release .
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