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Entering task names
Entering task names
As mentioned previously, tasks represent the work to be done to accomplish the goals of
the project. For this reason, it’s worth developing good practices about how you name tasks
in your plans.
Task names should be recognizable and make sense to the people who will perform the
tasks and to other stakeholders who will see the task names. Here are some guidelines for
creating good task names:
Use short verb phrases that describe the work to be done, such as “Edit manuscript.”
If tasks will be organized into an outline structure, don’t repeat details from the
summary task name in the subtask name unless it adds clarity.
If tasks will have resources assigned to them, don’t include resource names in the task
Keep in mind that you can always edit task names later, so don’t worry about getting
exactly the right task names when you’re initially entering them into a plan. Do aim to use
concise, descriptive phrases that communicate the required work and make sense to you
and others who will perform the work or review the plan. When necessary, you can also add
more details in task notes, described later in this chapter.
TIP As you enter a task name, you are creating a new task. Every task in Project has one
of two scheduling modes that controls how the task is scheduled: manual (the default)
or automatically scheduled. You’ll work with automatic scheduling in “Switching task
scheduling from manual to automatic” later in this chapter.
The scenario: At Lucerne Publishing, you have collected the initial task names for the new
book launch. You know you don’t have all the details you’ll eventually need, but you have
enough detail now to start with.
In this exercise, you enter the names of tasks.
SET UP You need the Simple Tasks_Start file in your Chapter04 practice file folder to
complete this exercise. Open the Simple Tasks_Start file, and save it as Simple Tasks.
Click the cell directly below the Task Name column heading.
Type Assign launch team members , and then press the Enter key.
The task you entered is given an ID number. Each task has a unique ID number, but
it does not necessarily represent the order in which tasks occur. Your screen should
look similar to the following illustration.
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