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Entering task names
The i ndicators in
this column tell you
whether a task is
manually or
Because this is a manually scheduled task (as indicated in the Task Mode column),
no duration or date values appear, and the task does not yet have a Gantt bar in the
chart portion of the Gantt Chart view. Later you will work with automatically
scheduled tasks that always have duration, start, and finish dates.
Think of a manually scheduled task as an initial placeholder you can create at any
time without affecting the rest of the schedule. You might not know more than a task
name at this time, and that’s OK. As you discover or decide more details about the
task, such as when it should occur, you can add those details to the plan.
Enter the following task names, pressing Enter after each task name:
Design and order marketing material
Distribute advance copies
Coordinate magazine feature articles
Launch public web portal for book
Your screen should look similar to the following illustration:
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