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Entering task names
While reviewing the tasks you entered, you realize that you missed a task. You want
to enter this task between tasks 2 and 3. You’ll insert that task next.
Click the name of task 3, Distribute advance copies .
On the Task tab, in the Insert group, click Task .
Project inserts a row for a new task and renumbers the subsequent tasks. Project
names the new task <New Task> .
With <New Task> selected type Public Launch Phase , and then press Enter.
The new task is added to your plan.
TIP To delete a task, right-click the task name and in the shortcut menu that appears, click
Delete Task.
Project management focus: Defining the right tasks
for the deliverable
Every project has an ultimate goal or intent: the reason that the project was started.
This is called the project’s deliverable . This deliverable might be a tangible product,
such as a new book, or a service or event, such as a product launch party. Defining
the right tasks to create the deliverable is an essential skill for a project manager. The
task lists you create in Project should describe all the work required, and only the work
required, to complete the project successfully.
When developing your task lists, you might find it helpful to distinguish product scope
from project scope. Product scope describes the quality, features, and functions of the
deliverable of the project. In the scenario used in Part 2, “Simple scheduling basics,”
for example, the deliverable is a new children’s book, and the product scope might
include its number of pages and illustrations. Project scope , on the other hand,
describes the work required to deliver such a product or service. In the scenario in this
chapter, the project scope includes detailed tasks relating to generating publicity and
advance reviews for the book.
Scope as a component (along with time and cost) of the project manager’s focus is
described more in Appendix A, “A short course in project management.”
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