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Entering task durations
until the concrete has cured. The task “Wait for concrete to cure” should have an elapsed
duration because the concrete will cure over a contiguous range of days, whether they
are working or nonworking days. If the concrete takes 48 hours to cure, you can enter the
duration for that task as “2ed,” schedule the task to start on Friday at 9 A.M., and expect it
to be complete by Sunday at 9 A.M. In most cases, however, you’ll work with nonelapsed
durations in Project.
The scenario: At Lucerne Publishing, you showed your initial task list to the resources who
will perform the work and to other project stakeholders. They gave you their preliminary
(although incomplete) feedback on some task durations and dates that you’d like to record
in the new book launch plan.
In this exercise, you enter various task duration, start, and finish values for the manually
scheduled tasks you created.
Click the cell below the Duration column heading for task 1, Assign launch team
members .
The Duration field for task 1 is selected.
Type 1d , and then press Enter.
TIP You can also click the up and down arrows to enter or change the value in the
Duration field.
The value 1 day appears in the Duration field. Project draws a Gantt bar for the task,
starting at the project start date you previously set in Chapter 3.
Until the tasks are linked or a specific start or finish date is set, Project will set all new
tasks that have a duration value to start at the project start date. This is true whether
the tasks are manually or automatically scheduled.
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