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Entering task durations
Enter the following durations or text phrases for the following tasks:
Task ID
Task name
Design and order marketing
Check with Marketing team
Public Launch Phase
(press Enter to skip this task for now)
Distribute advance copies
For task 5, Coordinate magazine feature articles , you’ll enter start and finish dates,
and Project will calculate the duration.
In the Start field (not the Duration field) for task 5, type 1/19/15 , and then press the
Tab key.
TIP You can also select the date you want in the Start field. Click the down arrow
button, and in the calendar that appears navigate to the month you want. Then click
the date you want.
In the Finish field for the same task, type or select 1/27/15 , and then press Enter.
Project calculates the duration as six days. Note that this is six working days: Monday
through Wednesday, and Friday of the first week, and then Monday and Tuesday
of the following week. Project also draws the Gantt bar for the task to span these
working days plus the nonworking days (the Thursday, January 22 morale event you
set up in Chapter 3, plus the weekend) between them, as shown here:
The project calendar's nonworking days—in this case, this
Thursday as well as Saturdays and Sundays—are formatted in gray.
For task 6, Launch public web portal for the book , you don’t know a duration or start
or finish date yet, but you can still capture what you do know.
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