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Creating summary tasks to outline the plan
On the Task tab, in the Schedule group, click Indent Task .
Project promotes task 4 to a summary task and switches it to automatic scheduling.
Or you can think of it as Project demoting tasks 5 through 7 to subtasks; either way,
the plan now includes a summary task and subtasks.
Summary task
Summary task bar in the Gantt chart
TIP If you want to demote a summary task back to a subtask, you must change the
outline structure of the subtasks below the summary task. Select all subtasks, and
then click the Outdent command.
Notice the scheduling effect of creating the summary task. Because task 6 had
specific start and finish dates already, Project set the start date of the summary task
(and its other subtask with a duration) to the same date, January 19.
Next you’ll create another summary task in a different way.
Select the names of tasks 1 through 3.
On the Task tab, in the Insert group, click Summary .
Project inserts a row for a new task, indents the task directly below it, and renumbers
the subsequent tasks. Project names the new task <New Summary Task> .
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