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Creating task dependencies with links
In tables, such as the Entry table , task ID numbers of predecessor tasks appear in the
Predecessor fields of successor tasks. (You might need to drag the vertical divider bar
to the right to see the Predecessor column.)
The scenario: At Lucerne Publishing, the new book launch plan is coming together nicely.
Tasks have been outlined under summary tasks, and you’re now ready to create task
In this exercise, you link tasks to create task dependencies between them:
Select the names of tasks 2 and 3.
On the Task tab, in the Schedule group, click Link the Selected Tasks .
Tasks 2 and 3 are linked with a finish-to-start relationship.
The change highlighting indicates values that
are affected after you make a change to a project.
The link line
indicates a task
between tasks.
Note that task 3 previously had no start or finish date, but by making it a successor of
task 2, you gave Project enough information to give task 3 a start date: January 6, the
next working day following the end of task 2.
Have you noticed the light blue highlighting of some of the Duration, Start, and
Finish fields as you linked tasks? Project highlights the values that are affected after
each scheduling change you make in a plan.
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