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Creating task dependencies with links
TIP Tasks 6 through 8 are adjacent to each other. To select tasks that are not
adjacent, select the first task, hold down the Ctrl key, and then select additional tasks.
There are several ways of linking tasks, and you’ll use one more to link the two
phases of the new book launch plan.
In the chart portion of the Gantt Chart view, point the mouse pointer at the summary
task bar for task 1, Planning Phase , and then click and drag down and to the right to
the Gantt bar for task 5, Public Launch Phase .
Note that as you drag the mouse pointer, it changes to a link icon and pop-up
window that updates with information as you hover over other task bars.
This tooltip can help you
link tasks using the mouse.
The mouse pointer
changes to indicate
that you are linking
When the mouse pointer is over the summary task bar for task 5, release the mouse
The summary tasks 1 and 5 are linked with a finish-to-start relationship.
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