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Creating task dependencies with links
So far, you’ve used three different techniques to link tasks. Another simple way to
create a task relationship is to enter the predecessor’s task ID in the Predecessors
field of the successor task. As you use Project more, you’ll probably find you prefer
one of these or another way of linking tasks.
TIP When working with summary tasks, you can either link summary tasks directly
(as you did previously) or link the latest task in the first phase with the earliest task
in the second phase. The scheduling result is the same in either situation. Under no
circumstances, however, can you link a summary task to one of its own subtasks.
Doing so creates a circular scheduling problem, so Project doesn’t allow it.
To conclude this exercise, you’ll enter a specific duration value for task 3. The Lucerne
marketing team has reported that its estimate is that task 3 should have a two-week
13 In the duration field for task 3, type 2w , and then press Enter.
Notice that the new duration for task 3 caused the Planning Phase summary task’s
duration to increase, but it did not affect the scheduling of the task 4 milestone. Why
not? Remember that this task is still manually scheduled. You can force Project to
adjust the start and finish dates of this task while leaving it as manually scheduled.
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