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Switching task scheduling from manual to automatic
Select the name of task 4.
On the Task tab, in the Schedule group, click Respect Links .
Project reschedules task 4 to start following the completion of its predecessor, task 3.
You might have noticed that the start of the Public Launch Phase summary task does
not respect its link to its predecessor, the Planning Phase summary task. Clicking the
Respect Link button with the Public Launch Phase summary task selected will not
cause it to be rescheduled, as it did for task 4. That’s because the start and finish
dates of the summary task are driven by the earliest start and latest finish dates of its
subtasks, which in this case are still manually scheduled. You’ll address this issue next
by switching to automatic scheduling.
Switching task scheduling from manual to
Project by default sets new tasks to be manually scheduled. In fact, so far in Part 2 of this
book you’ve worked only with manually scheduled tasks. In Project, you control the
scheduling of tasks in two different ways:
Work with manually scheduled tasks to quickly capture some details but without
scheduling tasks. Think of a manually scheduled task as an initial placeholder you can
create at any time without affecting the rest of the plan. You might not initially know
more than a task’s name, and that’s OK. As you discover or decide more details about
the task, such as when it should occur, you can add those details to the plan.
Work with automatically scheduled tasks to take full advantage of the powerful
scheduling engine in Project.
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