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Switching task scheduling from manual to automatic
This time, task 6 was rescheduled to start later. Why did this happen? Recall the
dependency between the two summary tasks. The dependency said, in effect, that
the Public Launch Phase should start once the Planning Phase was finished. However,
because task 6 and the other subtasks of the Public Launch Phase were manually
scheduled, Project did not reschedule the subtasks to account for this dependency.
As soon as you set task 6 to automatic scheduling, however, Project did just that and
adjusted the start date of its summary task as well.
The remaining subtasks 7 and 8 are still manually scheduled, so Project did not
reschedule them. You’ll switch these tasks next.
Select the names of tasks 7 and 8.
On the Task tab, in the Tasks group, click Auto Schedule .
Project reschedules the remaining tasks. This extends the duration of the Public
Launch Phase and of the overall project.
Notice that Project replaced the start date text value of task 8 with a scheduled date,
and supplied a one-day duration. Project did so because it requires a numeric time
value for the duration for every automatically scheduled task. The question mark
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