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Switching task scheduling from manual to automatic
following the duration value indicates that this is an estimated duration; the question
mark has no effect on the scheduling of the task.
Right now, this plan is set to treat any new tasks you might enter as manually
scheduled. You could leave this setting as is and then switch specific tasks to be
automatically scheduled. However, this plan is developed enough now to switch to
automatic scheduling and later set some specific tasks to manually scheduled as
On the Task tab, in the Tasks group, click Mode and then click Auto Schedule .
TIP You can toggle the scheduling mode of the plan currently open in Project by
clicking the New Tasks status bar text and then picking the other scheduling mode.
You can also change the default scheduling mode Project applies to all new plans.
To do this, on the File tab click Options and then click the Schedule tab. In the
Scheduling Options For This Project box, click All New Projects, and then in the New
Tasks Created box, click Auto Scheduled.
Next you’ll see automatic scheduling in action when you add a new task to the plan.
In the Task Name field, below task 8, type Launch social media programs for
book and then press Enter.
Project adds the new task to the plan. By default, it is not linked to any other task, is
given a one-day duration, and is scheduled to start at its summary task’s start date.
Unlike manually scheduled tasks, automatically scheduled tasks get a duration and
start and finish dates when added to the plan.
To end this exercise, you’ll link two tasks.
Select the names of tasks 8 and 9.
On the Task tab, in the Schedule group, click Link the Selected Tasks .
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