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Checking the plan’s duration and finish date
Project links the two tasks. Notice that the duration of the Public Launch Phase
summary task was updated automatically from 9 to 10 days.
Checking the plan’s duration and finish date
At any time in the planning or execution of a project, you and other project stakeholders
very likely will want to know how long the project is expected to take. You don’t directly
enter a total project duration or finish date in a plan, and you don’t need to. Project
calculates these values based on the task durations, dependencies, project calendar adjustments,
and many other factors you have recorded in a plan.
An easy way to view the plan’s duration and scheduled start and finish dates is via the
Timeline view, the project summary task, and the Project Information dialog box.
The scenario: At Lucerne Publishing, your plan for the new book launch is helping the team
to get organized for the upcoming work. You are frequently asked to provide the currently
scheduled duration and finish date for the book launch.
In this exercise, you check the plan’s overall duration and scheduled finish date based on the
task durations and relationships you entered.
In the Timeline view above the Gantt Chart view, note the plan’s current start and
finish dates.
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