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Documenting tasks with notes and hyperlinks
Click Close to close the Project Statistics dialog box.
Next you will display the project summary task in the Gantt Chart view.
Click anywhere in the Gantt Chart view.
With the focus now on the Gantt Chart view, the contextual label of the Format tab
changes to Gantt Chart Tools.
On Format tab, in the Show/Hide group, select the Project Summary Task check
Project displays the project summary task at the top of the Gantt Chart view with
an ID of 0. Here you’ll see the same duration and start and finish values displayed in
Project Statistics as well as a Gantt bar that’s drawn from the start and finish dates of
the overall plan.
Documenting tasks with notes and
You can record additional information about a task in a note . For example, you might have
detailed descriptions of a task but want to keep the task’s name succinct. You can add such
details to a task note rather than to the task’s name. That way, the information resides in the
plan and can be easily viewed or printed.
There are three types of notes: task notes, resource notes, and assignment notes. You can
enter and review task notes on the Notes tab in the Task Information dialog box. Notes
in Project support a wide range of text formatting options; you can even link to or store
graphic images and other types of files in notes.
TIP You will work with resource notes in Chapter 5, “Setting up resources.”
Sometimes you might want to associate a task in a plan with information stored in a
different document or on a webpage. Hyperlinks allow you to connect a specific task to
additional information that resides outside of the plan.
The scenario: At Lucerne Publishing, you have some details about a few tasks in the new
book launch plan that you’d like to record in the plan. This will help you later by keeping
such details right in the plan, and it will also be valuable for any other project stakeholders
who might work with the plan in the future.
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