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Documenting tasks with notes and hyperlinks
In this exercise, you enter task notes and hyperlinks to document important information
about some tasks:
Select the name of task 6, Distribute advance copies .
On the Task tab, in the Properties group, click Notes .
TIP You can also right-click the task name and click Notes in the shortcut menu that
Project displays the Task Information dialog box with the Notes tab visible.
In the Notes box, type Get recipient list from publicist .
Click OK .
A note icon appears in the Indicators column.
Point to the note icon for task 6.
The note appears in a ScreenTip. For notes that are too long to appear in a ScreenTip,
you can double-click the note icon to display the full text of the note.
You might notice a note icon for task 0, the project summary task. We’ll look at
that next.
Point to the note icon on task 0.
You might recognize this note that appears in the ScreenTip from “Entering the plan’s
title and other properties” in Chapter 3. This text was entered in the Comments field
of the Properties dialog box. As you can see, text entered in Comments appears as a
note on the project summary task. If you add or change a note on the project
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