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Chapter 3: Custom-tailoring the Excel workspace
Figure 3-2 The list on the right is a collapsible outline listing the current contents of the ribbon.
The drop-down list boxes above each list contain categories you use to filter the list of
displayed commands. For example, Figure 3-3 shows the drop-down list with one of the
more interesting categories selected: Commands Not In The Ribbon. This category is fun to
browse just to see what you’ve been missing.
You can clear the check box next to a tab in the outline to hide it on the ribbon; select
it to display it. Note that many tabs are dynamic, such as the Add-Ins tab in Figure 3-1,
and all of the Tool tabs in Figure 3-3. Even if they are selected in the outline, they do
not appear on the ribbon until they’re needed.
On the right side of the dialog box in Figure 3-3, the Tool Tabs option is selected in the
drop-down list. This displays a wealth of hidden tabs and groups on the ribbon that are
normally invisible but that appear dynamically when the appropriate object or tool is
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