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Creating a custom ribbon tab
TABLE 3-1 Command modifiers
Drop-down list
A control that displays a menu or palette from which
you select an option, such as the Conditional Formatting
button on the Home tab
Split button
A two-part item—one side looks and acts like a button,
and the other side has a small arrow that displays a
dropdown list, such as the Font Color button on the Home tab
Edit control
A control you can type into—for example, the Font
dropdown list on the Home tab
Creating a custom ribbon tab
You can add custom groups to existing tabs, but if you have limited screen real estate,
creating your own tabs might make more sense. To do so, first right-click the ribbon, click
Customize The Ribbon, and then click the New Tab button. This creates a new top-level
outline item provisionally titled New Tab (Custom). Select New Tab (Custom), and then click
the Rename button to display the dialog box shown in Figure 3-4. The new tab is inserted
below the selected tab in the outline.
Figure 3-4 Create a new ribbon tab by clicking the New Tab button, and then click Rename to
give it a sensible moniker.
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