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Creating a custom command group
After you create a tab, you need a group, because commands can be added only to groups.
Helpfully, a custom group is created automatically whenever you create a custom tab, as
shown in Figure 3-4. Even after you rename a tab or a group, (Custom) continues to appear,
appended in the outline to any title you provide, which helps to quickly identify your own
tabs and groups.
You can reposition any tab or group in the outline by simply dragging it to a new location,
or you can select it and click the arrow buttons located to the right of the list box. You
cannot reposition commands within preset groups, but you can move groups around from tab
to tab all you like.
The first tab in the Customize The Ribbon outline—even a custom tab—becomes the
default tab that is active every time you start Excel.
Creating a custom command group
Creating custom command groups is similar to creating custom tabs. First, select the tab
where you want the custom group to live, and then click the New Group button in the Excel
Options dialog box. (If you created a new tab, a new group already appears on the new
tab.) Select your new group, and click the Rename button to display the dialog box shown
in Figure 3-5.
Figure 3-5 Clicking the Rename button with a group selected allows you to select an icon for
the group as well.
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