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Adding existing command groups to custom tabs
As you can see, you can rename your new group and also assign an icon to it, which is
visible only when you add the group to the Quick Access Toolbar. If you look at the Home
tab on the ribbon, you’ll notice that most of the commands do not have labels displayed;
they appear as buttons. For example, there are no command labels visible at all in the Font
group. The ribbon shown at the top of Figure 3-6 displays a custom Formatting tab
populated with border-specific commands with their command labels visible. If you want to
create a tab filled with other kinds of Formatting commands, you’ll need a lot more space, and
hiding the labels helps a lot.
To hide command labels, right-click the ribbon, select Customize The Ribbon, and then
right-click any custom group in the outline and select Hide Command Labels. Note that this
command appears on the shortcut menu only when you select a custom group. You cannot
change the command labels of default groups. The ribbon shown at the bottom of Figure
3-6 shows the result—now there is plenty of space left on the custom Formatting tab for
more groups. Notice that hiding the command labels does more than what the command’s
name implies; the button icons become considerably smaller as well.
Figure 3-6 It is a good idea to hide the command labels when you create new groups.
After hiding the command labels so that they are not visible on the ribbon, you can still
easily see the command names by resting the mouse pointer over the buttons.
Adding existing command groups to custom tabs
When constructing custom tabs, you can take advantage of predeined command groups.
Microsoft decided to make the built-in groups noncustomizable partly because a lot of
sweat and tears went into creating them as they are today. Decades of usability studies and
real-world usage of menus and command trees went into the design of the ribbon, and as
such it makes sense for 80 percent of our needs. But we’re talking about the other 20
percent here. Because you can create your own groups anyway, there is no harm in having the
default groups fixed—and plenty of good reasons for you to take advantage of them.
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